Lucky Stars BOM – March

I am participating in the Lucky Stars BOM club over at the “don’t call me Betsy” site.

Here is March’s block progress in pictures:

Each section paper pieced:

DSCN3784 (800x657)_wm


DSCN3787 (800x600)_wm


DSCN3789 (800x600)_wm

Sewn together:

DSCN3794 (800x792)_wm

Paper removed:

DSCN3798 (792x800)_wm

As you can see, I had a bit of difficulty with my seams lining up. I may do the block over again, as there is not enough contrast in my fabrics. The center maroon stars need to have more depth of color, which appeared to be okay when I choose the fabric. Not so evident now that it has been sewn. These finish at 6 1/2 inches. DSCN3797 (800x600)_wm

January and February’s blocks are here and here.

Would you remove the seams and redo the entire block over again with higher contrast fabrics?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

Saturday’s Batiks

The day started off making a credit card holder for a friend:


I decided that since I had my batik fabrics out, I would work on the February Lucky Stars Block of the Month club by Don’t Call Me Betsy.

IMAG0206 (1226x1280)

Paper piecing for me is slow and relaxing. It is something I do when I don’t want to have the pressure of performance and speed. So while I accomplished my goal in working slow and not pressured, I have little to show for it.

Other than this mess to clean up:

IMAG0211And I am okay with this.

Time to clean and call it a day. I noticed I have a habit of defining a “good weekend” as when where I can claim, “I got a lot done.”  This will be a good weekend and I can say that without getting a lot done.

Did you get done what you had hoped today?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

Lucky Stars BOM – January

DSCN3513 (1024x768)_wmI am participating in the Don’t Call My Betsy Lucky Stars BOM paper piecing Block of the Month club. You have an option of a 6 or 12 inch finished block. I choose  6 inches.

I wanted to use the same fabrics throughout the year, and my first thought was to make them fun using bright colors.

DSCN3516 (1024x768)_wmAfter many days of debating back and forth on what colors to start with, I changed my mind (woman’s prerogative) and went with batiks.

DSCN3507 (1024x768)_wmThis is what my work space looked like after I pieced, trimmed and ripped:

DSCN3509 (1024x768)_wmTwo tools I found handy:

  • A rotating cutting mat – handy for turning your block for trimming without moving the block
  • An “Add-An-Eighth” trim ruler – for trimming your seams to 1/8 inch

It took me a bit to get into making this block, but I am excited about getting February’s block pattern.

Are you participating in any block of the month clubs?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie