Sewing with Children

I’ll be posting from time to time tips and tricks and methods I have used to teach children and youngsters starting at 18 months. I welcome your stories and hearing about the things you have experienced if you have sewn with children.

Too Young to Sew 5

Introduction to the series: 

Sewing with Children Collage

Sewing With Children, When Should I Start?

Caiden Pinning

Sewing with Children, How do I Get Them Interested?

Sewing With Children, What to Sew? First Projects.


Continue to check back for upcoming posts.


  • Kathy Mathews

    I am linking this in my post for tomorrow. I am writing about sewing with Zara and how much farther along you and your grandchildren are. I love these posts!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Kathy, that sure explains the spike in views on that page.

      I wish I had more time with my grandchildren. They are growing up way too fast.

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