Sewing Studio

In the fall of 2009 my husband and two friends worked hard to transform our basement into a sewing studio for me. I had been teaching out of a small bedroom that was very “cozy” as one person put it.

The first picture is one of the finished room. This is the view when you first walk into the room. The room is off the garage so it is perfect for those rolling in their sewing machines with no stairs to climb.

This is my “quilt wall” and the ironing board my husband made for me. He cut a board 2 feet by 6 feet and I covered it with a Bo-Nash Ironing Board Cover. It is perfect for ironing large cuts of fabric and quilts.

Along the wall is a counter with room for 2 students and my Sashiko machine (a present for myself). Back in the corner is my quilting machine. A Janome 1600P DBX designed for quilting and piecing.

Here in the center of the room is a cutting table covered with a quilt I am currently basting, and another table with a small mat, that usually holds supplies and becomes another work area.

Beyond the tables is another set-up for two students, and an extension table for my serger.

Here is my design wall and fabric storage area. The enclave at one point held a wood burning stove. My fabric fits perfectly in there.

What sits at the bottom of the picture that you can’t see is another cutting area.

Finally my sewing machine, along with a machine for a student to use and my desk area.

The room seemed so large compared to what I had, but it is amazing how quickly the space filled up. You add 4 students, and we are stepping on each other, but it is fun. 

I have just recently started taking pictures of the projects that my students have worked on, so please check on the different projects to see what they are doing.

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Check back often for new updates.  Enjoy!

  • Jackie

    The room turned out GREAT! I think “cozy” is the best word for the old room, I think I like the new one better 🙂 . I’m so glad you got to get the bigger one and spread your knowledge to more and more people. So proud!!

  • Clara Diaz

    Jackie, what a wonderful studio. I had no idea you were so much into teaching. You do such amazing work and it is a pleasure to know you.

  • barbara lank

    i took a class with you last year at Raytown. I an interested in attending your Tues class. I have a project of my Dad’s ties. The book shows Christmas stars. I would like to make them for my kids and nephews. Pls let me
    know if you can help and if you have room for me. I plan on attending your Raytown
    class. Hope to hear from you.
    Barbara Lank

  • Debi M

    I like your studio and wish I had room to have one myself. I like your large ironing board. I made mine from plywood and attached it to an old heavy duty ironing board so I can raise or lower it whenever I need to.

    • Jackie

      Thank you. This is the largest space that I have had. Mostly kitchen table in years past. My ironing board is also a piece of plywood attached to an old ironing board. I love it. Thanks for stopping by.

  • It’s sew me by CarolMarie

    What a great studio! I just love your giant ironing board!

    • Jackie

      Thank you. My husband put plywood over an old ironing board frame that was bent on top. I keep thinking I should put out a tutorial about it.

  • Valerie Reynolds

    I too have a basement studio…the space is wonderful!!!!! I feel so lucky!

    val from