Student Quilts

Jackie (on the left) worked for months on a T-shirt quilt for her cousin.
She put LOTS of T-shirts and hard work into this quilt!

Another block for Bonnie, same pattern. This one she is making as a wall hanging for a new grand-baby.








Bonnie discovered fat quarters while traveling and found some in a sale bin.

She had quite an assortment but with the right pattern she was able to make this quilted wall hanging.



After 2 years of once of month Saturday’s this quilt was completed by Judy. This was her first sewing experience and she did a great job!

At times she was discouraged by the length of time it was taking but she only worked on it on those Saturday mornings that she could attend.




This is an anniversary quilt a young woman made for her parents.

Jackie had to sneak out an old photo album from their house and then find a way to put it back once we had the pictures scanned and ready to print.

Her parents were very surprised and pleased. She did a wonderful job with it.




The pink quilt below is a “Hello Kitty” quilt a woman made for her great-niece’s baby dolls. Nita had a quilt her grandmother made for her many years ago and she hopes her great-niece will cherish this quilt as well.