About Me

I am married, mother of 3, grandmother of 8, and currently living in the Midwest.

I work full time and carve out whatever time I can for family, camping, reading and most of all quilting. I teach sewing in my home and do custom quilts and embroidery.

Before quilting became a big part of my life, I was busy homeschooling my children, running an in-home daycare/preschool and foster parent for 15, mostly special needs children, one of whom we adopted. A move to the Midwest and children leaving the nest, found me with time I never had before and I rediscovered my passion for quilting.

Currently I suffer from severe allergies which limit my ability to join local groups, so I am excited about the online support quilters have for each other. I knew that there was a blogging world, but really didn’t understand the concept until l started reading them. I discovered a quilt podcast in August of 2010 and from there started reading quilting blogs and listening to other podcasts. I am hooked on both.

I started this blog for several reasons. My head is always swimming with new ideas and I hope writing this blog will inspire me to capture those ideas and put them into fabric. As I have connected with other quilters through their blogs and podcasts, I realized that for the most part it is one-sided “conversation” and while I tend to be reserved, it would be a good way to put myself out there. Lastly, I wanted a place to journal my quilts. Quilting has become a vital part of me and the journey needed to be documented. While the blog will move forward in time, there will be previous moments in my life that I want to capture, so they will become a part of this journal as well.

Thank you for taking part in my quilting journey.

Contact me as sewexcitedquilts@gmail.com


  • Kristen

    Hey Mommy, I’m so proud of you for doing this and starting your own journey!! I love you! :)