Traci’s Elegant Star

This is a “go big, or go home” post and why only make one when you can make two. Traci loves large quilts, large blocks and when she’s found a winner I see it in many combinations, which is so fun.

I love the stories behind the quilts and this one is not made with her choice of colors. It was a donation quilt for an animal shelter auction. She said she brought more color into than requested without becoming too rebellious. I am sure there are other quilter’s out there that have difficulty working with a color palette that is not our style. I know I do.

This is more Traci’s style. She also prefers rectangular quilts over square and you’ll notice how she adds borders to the top and bottom to get the desired length. I agree with her on rectangle over square as well. Unless it is a very small quilt, I like the visual impact of a rectangle quilt.

Here they are side by side to see how different they look even though they are the same pattern. There are some subtle differences in the pattern and it is amazing how different they are.

Close-up of both of them. I just did a simple meander in each.

This is not the last of this pattern by Traci, I have another waiting in the wings. She has shared it with me and I’m thinking of the possibilities…..