Terri’s Paper Doll Clothes Quilt

Terri get on a roll and doesn’t make just one quilt as seen here, but will make several with some of the same fabrics. I was going to wait until she more of them completed but I suspect they are either off to the side right now or already gifted (sadly I can’t remember).

Here are some possible layouts she considered.

The fabrics and “paper dolls” take me back in time.

Here she is quilting her own quilt, which she has fallen in love doing.

Grace was right in there with her. I not sure who was enjoying the quilt more, Grace or Terri. Either way it was fun to watch and Terri was so patient with Grace, explaining what she was doing and getting feedback from Grace. Here they are playing with the clothes that go on the paper dolls.

It is the best when someone is so happy with their results.

This makes me smile. Wonderful job Terri.