Linda’s Prayer Quilt

I found out Linda’s favorite colors were yellow and purple. So I went through my scrap and FQ bins and pulled out many possibilities.

Linda used to help make quilts during our sew-ins when she wasn’t working so I was glad there was something I could do for her.  The quilt was passed around at church for members to sign. I find it easier to have a top pieced and ready for signing than passing out blocks with the hope they’ll get signed and returned. Plus it prevents people from writing in the seam allowance which always happens no matter how specific your instructions, guidelines, or marked lines are.  Freezer paper is helpful in stabilizing the areas to be signed. 

Finding a thread that wasn’t too stark on the white, light and bright yellows or deep purples can be a challenge and I went with a light gray. Seems to be the go to and safe choice most times.

I did a free-motion swirl all over which I love to do. I feel like I am dancing over the quilt.

I forgot to take measurements, though I am pretty sure it measures 40″ x 48″ The pattern is a little off balance which bothered me but it was dictated by the fabric I had. I like to think it adds character to the quilt.

It was a joy to make and even more precious to give it to her.