Guild Round Robin Donation Quilt

One of the guild challenges was a round robin quilt.  You start with fabric in a bag, and it gets passed around to other members, each adding a round with fabric in the bag and/or adding their own.  I didn’t participate but I did quilt this one.

I used the Fibonacci Lace pantograph from Willow Leaf Studios. At first I wasn’t sure I liked it. Even that I debated taking out what I had started and doing something else. I talked myself out of that, thinking it would be a good idea to at least one quilt with the pattern before making that decision. I’m glad I did. I think the pattern is perfect. The quilt is busy so any quilting really wasn’t going to show up, but it could enhance it and I think it did. The pattern has just enough flourish to add to the quilt.

I used a purple thread, which you can see on the back but really blends in nicely on the top.

I’m pleased. The pattern did run in such a way it was easy to forget which way you need to be headed so I found myself going backwards a couple of times. Whoops.