Grace’s Crayon Apron

Our quilt guild had a FQ challenge with these fabrics:

My unfinished projects are here.  Grace wanted to make something as well and she found an apron on Pinterest that she liked. The pattern can be found here.

Here she is planning where her fabrics are going:

This is not the first time Grace has used the rotary cutter but the first time I let her measure and cut. With quilting accuracy is key, this project is more forgiving so if she was off a bit it wouldn’t be a problem.

Choosing thread is always serious business with Grace. Here she is deciding on the color for the crayon “pocket” lines.

Serious seam ripping. She’s been wanting to do her own seam ripping for some time. Since we had extra fabric a “whoops” if she ripped the fabric could be fixed.

Pint-sized iron for a pint-sized sewist.

Of course her American Girl doll needed an apron so we quilting made one using pinking shears for the edges. She discovered you could fold it over and do 2 sides at one time. 🙂

What do you do with a crayon apron? Use it of course!

Modeling her apron with her doll.

Another great project for Grace.  I’m so proud of you. Grandma