Donation Quilts for Veterans, Project Linus, Nursing Home, Place mats and More for 2017

It’s easy to lose sight of all that can or does get done in a year so I thought I’d do a post on the different items that were made by me, students or those that meet at my house to sew donation items in 2017.

I’ve gathered a few “in-process” and finished photos. The number in parenthesis is the total number donated:

Veteran lap quilts (9): Given to the local “We Honor Veterans” hospice facility

Doll quilts (9): Given to a local assistance agency for their Christmas shop where parents can “shop” for gifts.

Place mats (2): Not sure how I managed to forget to take pictures of the finished project. Give to our local assistance agency for the older volunteers.

Nursing home quilts (12): Given to a local nursing home.

Project Linus Quilts and Other (6): Someone from our guild takes all the Project Linus quilts.

Fidget Quilts (2) and Wheel Chair totes (2): Given to our local nursing agency.

Not bad for a year’s work. Thank you to those that give your time to give back to others. On the journey, Jackie