Christmas Bells, Woven Shawl, Thank You Card, Crooked Twist Quilt, and Temperature Quilt

I feel like I am almost back to normal (whatever normal is) and I was able to find some creative energy to work on a few things.

Quilting bells on a Christmas quilt for Virginia. Yes, Christmas is over, and yes this could be considered late, however it wasn’t needed before Christmas so all is good.

This is finally done and off the loom. It will go to work with me since I am always cold and I keep a variety of shawls handy.

This was my “reentry” into my studio this week. I needed a quick thank you card. I need more practice with stamping and ideas. I debated on giving it, but decided it is okay.  And it’s a start.

I opened up 2 precut packages. While I may have not had much creative time in the studio, my mind has been mulling over these for months. I finally decided to just go for it.  The worst that can happen is I don’t like it. But until I try, how will I know?

And finally I started on a 2018 temperature quilt. A coworker crocheted a temperature blanket last year and I was very intrigued and thought surely one can be made with fabric. While there is limited information, you can type in “temperature quilt” into Pinterest and find a few ideas. I suggested it to my guild as an option so I won’t be the only one making one.

Here are my fabrics:

A lot of things all over the place but I’m so happy to be back in my happy place doing things I love.

On the journey, Jackie


  • Valerie Root

    So glad you’re feeling better. These fabrics are intriguing!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Valerie. It’s fun to be back in my studio with some energy to focus.
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