Annual String Game Christmas 2017

As reported in years past, 20142015, and 2016 the String Game has become an annual event for the grandchildren.

Grandpa has the hard part of watching movies with them while I set up. 🙂 Just kidding in part. Sitting for 2+ hours watching a movie is torture for me. But then so is the physical reality of setting up the String game.

This is a photo from a couple of years ago. Not much has changed other than everyone is a little older.

There was a lot of concern and discussion among the grandchildren this past year on my ability to set it up. Surgeries on my foot this past year has affected my mobility and recovery is still in process and so they were very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to set the game up. Rightfully so. I had a back-up plan though and I told them not to worry, Grandma had it covered,  Camden. He’s now 13. Last year he begged to help. This year he wasn’t so sure. he wanted to. Until he started. Then he really got into it and had a lot of fun.  And was a great help. I couldn’t have done it without him.

And here we are just getting started with the set up:

At the starting gate:

The rules are few:

  • It’s not a race
  • Help only if you are asked to help
  • You open your grab bag when everyone is done

As soon as a spot was cleared, I found my way to the couch with 2 ice packs. One for my foot, the other my back. Grandpa took over taking the pictures.

Camden will help again next year. I plan to be in better shape next year, but I’m sure they’ll continue to want the game to last longer and be more difficult meaning it will become more challenging for me.

Enjoying being Grandma. On the journey. Jackie

  • Valerie Root

    Such a wonderful tradition! I’m just sorry you’re still hurting. Take care.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Valerie, it is such a fun activity to do with them. The foot will heal, it’s just a slow process.

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