Quilts and Zippered Bags and Tea Coasters and Cord Keepers and Hexagons and Bags and Mini Book Covers and Sourdough Oh My

I’ve had a few days in the past couple of weeks to work on small projects for various reasons.

These quilts were delivered to a local nursing home. They’ve been made by me, students, and sew-in helpers:

Zippered bags for gifts:

Another gift and part of our work craft fair were these tea coasters:

Cord Keepers:

A hexagon hot pad/mug rug:

I added pocket labels to purchased bags. A first time customer receives a bag to take their quilt home in and to bring their next one back:

Another great gift and a part of the craft fair, mini book covers:

Another craft fair item was sourdough bread:


Ready for Christmas so now I can get back to my real love and that is quilting. Planning, cutting, piecing, quilting binding. I love it all.

What about you?

  • Kitty Pearl

    These are all great gifts! And sourdough too, yum:)

    • Jackie

      Thanks Kitty, I love having quick “I’m thinking of you” or thank you gifts handy.

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