Barbados Bag by Pink Sand Beach Designs

I collected some Japanese Taupe fabrics years ago with the idea I would make a purse. 

While on vacation last summer I found this pattern – Barbados Bag by Pink Sand Beach Designs (bottom left) that fit the size and style I’ve been looking for.

I brought in other fabrics for my bag so I still have some Japanese Taupe left for another project.

Here is the front of my finished bag:

The back:

And inside, I also added a second set of deeper pockets in the lining.:

I found it challenging to follow the instructions. There were a lot of pictures which was helpful and the steps were numbered but the pictures were not. It was easy to make a guess, but then I would second guess myself.

I would make the purse again, but I plan to number the photos with the steps and number my pieces. I think I’m also going to try to remake it a larger size with more pockets with zippers. Though I’m still tempted to stick with quilting.

What do you think? Are you strictly a quilter?


  • val

    Love this handy bag…it’s my size!!