Mary’s First Projects

Mary started classes at the end of November with large quilt projects in mind. Since she wanted to make something for one of her daughters by Christmas I suggested a placemat. The size is doable and it takes you through all the steps of a quilt.

The second project was a quilt for her other daughter. She also wanted it down by Christmas but some things just are not possible. She fearlessly jumped in with both feet and worked just as hard at home as she did in the studio. Here she is quilting her first large quilt.

This is what she finished in the studio before taking it home to bind and gift.

She is not slowing down. Here is her next project, a t-shirt quilt for her son. And this is just a section of the center panel of the quilt. 🙂

Love your enthusiasm and willingness to jump in and give everything a try. You are doing great. Jackie