Weaving Placemats, Birds in the Air Binding, Pinwheel Blocks, and Quilting Large Leaves

Last week I produced like a crazy woman. This week my back had me flat much of the time so little was done.

I finished my woven test placemat, made into a center mat. Not sure what I want to do next in regards to the placemats.how I want to go ahead. Hence the sample.

Finished the binding on the #Twilter Birds in the Air Quilt:

Pieced a couple of pinwheel blocks (during the donation sew-in):

Finished up the little leave borders in the center of the quilt and started quilting the larger leaves in the border of a customer quilt:

Plans this week in priority order – finish customer quilt, finish purse and prepare hand projects for the coming weeks.

Some weeks are productive. Some weeks are not, but I still managed to find a little sewing therapy time.

What about you? How was your sewing week?

On the journey, Jackie

  • Gretchen Firestone

    Just getting caught up on some blogs! I recognize the red Birdsin the Air block!

    • Jackie

      It was a fun swap!

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