Sewing with Children – Christian’s Monkey Cape

lonberger-christmas-2016My daughter and husband visit with their 4 boys each year at Christmas time and each year at least a couple of them want to sew.

This year all 4 wanted to sew (does it get any better?). In order to celebrate each one, they will all have their own post and I’m starting with the youngest one, Christian, who is 6.

Christian wanted to make a cape for his monkey so I set him free with a couple of scrap bins to look for fabric.


Even though they are only here once a year, they all do well on the sewing machine with little assistance. Here is Christian, sewing as if he does it everyday. In the background is Colson, 10, showing Caiden, 8, how to pivot. Love it! 🙂


For the sake of time (I was working with all 4 of them at once) I did all the cutting and pinning. Also, this was only his second time sewing, (Georgie’s simple quilt is here) it would be another year before we had another chance to sew so I decided I’d wait until he was older to show him how to use a rotary cutter and pins.

Here he is with his monkey modeling the new cape.

I love the smile of pride and satisfaction. The project was quick, easy and just right for his attention span. Plus it was something he wanted to make. A key with sewing with children.

Some may think 6 is too young, but he started young and no one told him he was too young to sew.

Love the joy on his face. On the journey, Jackie