Sewing with Children – Teach them the Basics

Teach basics, including how to thread the machine. With Grace that has been easy because she’s been asking and I’ve let her try it the last few times she’s sewn with me. I am well aware that it takes more time to help them learn than to do it yourself, but resist the temptation, especially if they are asking.

Learn the parts of machine so you can use the correct terminology as you teach.

Standing on her toes to see the top:
Grace Threading the machine 2

This is a whole body experience for her as you can see:
Grace Threading the machine 4

I was pretty sure I’d have to go in after her and make some corrections, but she took it upon herself to do the re-threading so I wasn’t going to interrupt her. (oh to be this flexible)

Grace Threading the machine

She didn’t know I was watching and taking her picture. 🙂

Grace Threading the machine 3

I did go and make one adjustment. I also showed her how to check the bobbin and let her know to always check the bobbin, just in case, after you re-thread.

Smiling. On the journey. Jackie