Vacation Sewing Finds

It seems like vacation was forever okay, and it’s amazing how quickly the busyness of life takes over once you get home and get back into the daily routine. Sigh

We were celebrating 40 years of marriage with a special trip  so I didn’t bring my sewing machine, I did bring a couple of hand projects to work on.

Mainly this crocheted rug using selvage edges and narrow strips 3/4-1 1/4 inches wide.


I found wool yarn at the Amana Woolen Mill that started me on another project, this time knitting.


And here are the fun things I found at the 2 quilts shops where I shopped, Heritage Designs in Amana and Creekside Quilting in Des Moines.


Any while I am not an antique shopper, we stopped in a couple of while walking the streets of Amana and I found these treasures:


Shopping fun… on the journey, Jackie