Learning to Hand Sew with Grace

Whenever Grace comes to sew she pulls down her bins of projects including her sewing kit that I bought for her.

Grace Fabric Bins
This last time when she finished up her top and skirt, she asked if she could make one of the projects in the kit. I said yes and gave her a choice, glue, machine stitch or hand sew. I told her gluing would be quick and easy. Machine sewing she knows how to do and hand sewing would take longer and she would have to learn. She asked to learn how to hand sew. I gently tried to steer her to gluing or machine sewing as I didn’t think she would like hand stitching. Boy was I wrong. I helped with the knots but she tried every time.

Grace Threading a Needle

Once I showed her what to do, she was off and running. Whenever she was waiting on me for the next sewing step with her skirt she went over and worked on her little stuffed animal.

Grace Hand Sewing

When it got late and past bedtime, I told her it was time to put everything up. Her words to me, “Grandma, I have an idea, we’ll leave everything on and not put anything away and in the morning we won’t play, but we’ll come downstairs right away and keep working.” I couldn’t help but smile.

She’s six and I’m loving it. I’m not sure at what point she’ll move on to other things, but for now, I’m enjoying every minute.

And yes, Grace, I’ll be more than happy to skip the “play” to go downstairs to sew. Love you. Grandma

  • Bonnie

    She’s something else. She is already showing the patience that a good seamstress needs to have.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Bonnie, I love that she is excited about it as well.

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