Needed – A New Project – Leader Ender

I have tons of projects waiting for me. In various stages. To plan, cut, design, stitch, long arm, but no leader ender project or one to just be able to sit down and sew without thinking.

This has been my leader ender project for ever… at least since 2014 as shown here and it’s now ready for the long arm.

Mini Postage Stamp Swap ready to quilt

So with the few minutes I had I started my #Twilter Birds in the Air. I had planned on it being my leader/ender project until I had one ready… This will go together quickly…

2016-08-26 18.07.10

…So I still need a leader/ender. I have a good idea of what I want to do with these, (more 1 1/2 inch squares) that I’ve been collecting and Jaye over at Artquiltmaker has been sending me, but I need to do a little more planning and cutting to move forward.

Jaye's mini Charms

Funny that you have to have a project ready (leader/ender) to piece in order to start piecing a project. 🙂

Do you use leader enders? If you’re not sure what they are Bonnie Hunter shares the concept well on her site.

Planning. On the journey. Jackie

  • Jackie James

    I really like this!

    • Jackie

      Thank you!

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