Tuesday’s Tips and Tricks – Batting Thread Catcher

This is one of those, “why didn’t I think of that” (because I didn’t) if you haven’t already, hacks.

Materials list:

  • Batting scraps
  • Masking or painters tape

Batting Hack

I first saw it used pinned to your clothing, (I used tape):

Batting Thread Catcher on shoulder

Then I decided it would work well on the armrest of the couch when I was hand piecing:

Batting thread catcher on couch

Here on the top flat edge of my long arm (where I use it the most):

Batting thread catcher on long arm

On the side of the sewing machine by the cutter:

Batting Thread Catcher on machine

Here is my stock of batting and painters tape already to go, stored in my long arm room since that is where I use it the most. Battting Scraps Ready to go

Other places I’ve used it:
On my knee while sewing in the car
On the side of ironing board
In a travel bag
In a bowl (while camping, a bowl because space is tight and things get shifted all the time)

So have you used this trick, if so where?

Keeping things neat, on the journey, Jackie