Doll Quilt by Grace, Learning to Match Seams

The main focus Grace had (next to wearing our PJ’s) on our sewing and baking day was to finish her doll quilt started a while back here.

Grace in PJ's

She loves playing with her fabric on the design wall and I love watching her.

Grace on Design Wall

Her rows chained pieced. She loves it when she can chain piece and she wanted me to take a picture.

Grace with Chain Piecing

Even though she is only 6, she picked out her own fabrics, cut the pieces using a rotary cutter (I was hovering like a hawk),  planned the layout, did all the pressing … (she hates it when I hover).

Grace Pressing

and sewing. Here she is checking to be sure her seams didn’t flip.

Grace Sewing Trying not to flip seams

She pinned her ends together …

Grace Pinning

Our conversation over the concept of matching seams was humorous.  When I was trying to explain to her how to match the seams, I told her she wanted them to sit up right next to each other like best friends. Her response, “I don’t get that close to my friends.” Sounds a little like someone I know. 🙂

… when it came to pinning the matched seams she wanted me to do it. She was afraid that she would stick herself trying to pin and hold the pieces exactly together. So she matched the seams, I pinned and she sewed.

Grace Matched Seams

When I showed her what matching seams looked like once sewn, (She did an outstanding job!) along with the few that didn’t (not in a critical way but for teaching purposes). Her response to the ones that didn’t match up was priceless. She took a step back, put her hands on her hips and declared, “but you can’t see it from back here!” Hummm I think she may have overheard conversations I’ve had with students. Either way, most of her seams were spot on and she’s not hung up on perfection.

Here she is with a finished top.

Grace with Doll Quilt Pieced




And there’s more to come. On the journey, Jackie

  • Jaye

    What a great post! She looks thrilled and you sound tthrilled.I am so happy.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Jaye, I am thrilled. One I get to spend time with a cutie. Two it’s with something I love. I’d like to think someday the quilting heritage will be known in the family.

      Sew Excited Quilts