Throwback Thursday – Reentry into Quilting Quilt

This was one of the first quilts I did when I picked up quilting again.

Oh, the days of big box store calico’s. Calico Log Cabin

The idea of quilting on my domestic machine was still new to me so and this is  my second quilt giving it a try.

Calico Log Cabin back close up

I had heard about quilt shops and the quality of their fabrics and had started researching fabrics. Since this was not made with quality fabric I decided that it would be a practice quilt that would get a lot of use. Not wanted to put any more money into it, I serged the edge instead of putting on a binding.

Calico Log Cabin back close up and binding

It has been a fort, bedding for the grandkids and mostly a quilt to snuggle under on cool nights while sitting out on our porch swing.

Calico Log Cabin on the swing

Funny, it’s not quality work or fabric, and is quite worn, but I bet it’s one the family will remember long after I am gone. They won’t see that I see.

The quilt is quite big 77″ x 97″ and certainly big to wrestle under a domestic machine. But it is and was possible.

Looking back. On the journey, Jackie

  • Bonnie Terrey

    Even if it’s not high quality cotton, you made the fabric into a usable item for the home.

    • Jackie

      Yes, that is true and it gets plenty of use and it was a good place to start.

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