Student Progress July 2016

Marcia works at home on her projects and this is one of many she is working on. This was a collaborative effort with her sister.

Marcia Whale Quilt

Here is another one of Marcia’s at the beginning stages of planning. More to come…

Marcia's Over the Moon Quilt

Rita also works on quilts at home and here she was playing with leftovers to make a quilt for a friend.

Rita's Friend quilt

Barbara is pretty focused on the makings for a hand-pieced hexagon project that she brought to class.

Barbara Hand sewing

And here is Nita proudly holding her finished quilt. The process you can read about here.

Nita's Finish

And this quilt is waiting for Toni to return next month.

Toni's Quilt

Vacations, scorching weather and illness didn’t keep these women away for long. Nice work. It’s a joy to work with all of you. On the journey, Jackie