Nita’s Sweet Quilt

Nita has been working on this for a long time. Partly because she is only able to come to class occasionally and partly because she has set it aside from time to time to work on other projects.

Nita's Finish

She had a panel of the dolls to sew up into little dolls but after making one, she didn’t like it. I suggested a quilt. The panel included the dog, bunny and giraffe motif. Other fabrics were used to add the clouds, grass, butterflies, flower, bone and dog prints. It is such a great finish after a lot of hard work. She has decided to keep it for herself and I’m happy she is.

Pictures of her process:

Nita's Applique

Nita Auditioning fabric choices

Student Classes July 2013
Student Classes July 2013


Nita Quilting

I’m so happy for such a great finish. Your smile says it all.

Enjoying the success of others on the journey, Jackie