Quilt Block Sharing – Twilter Swap and Guild Friendship Blocks

Last month 40 of these blocks kept me busy for an online block swap. A fellow quilter Frances from Off-Kilter Quilt is also an author of books for young readers. She is writing a book for quilter, “Birds in the Air” and to celebrate with her, there is a block swap of the Birds in the Air quilt block.

Flying Goose Birds in the Air Swap

The guidelines were simple. White background and our choice for the prints. I used a variety.  My hashtag quilt is the first one I did with the #Twilter group. They have been signed, mailed and now I’m waiting to get the blocks from the exchange to make the next quilt.

Birds in the air 2

Our guild has a friendship block challenge each year. You can choose to make as many blocks as you want. You put your name on the block(s) and they all go into a paper bag. In the fall one block will be drawn and if your name in on the block you go home with all the blocks. The winner then chooses the quilt block pattern for the next year.

The block: Star of the Milky Way
Colors: black/white or fall

Fall Prints
I have tons of fall prints that I’ve collected over the years with no inspiration so I thought I would use a few of them.

Star of the Milky Way Block

I have until October, so I may make some more. Maybe

On the journey, Jackie