Grace’s First Outfit

Grace has been sewing with me since she was under 2. She has made pillows, quilts, pillow cases and other small items.  She loves to shop for fabric and this birthday was no different other than we shopped for fabric for pajama pants, she however found more fabric to love and sew.

Grace Sewing her Top

Which includes Frozen tulle. Fun.

I did the cutting and she sewed the top and helped with the elastic. BTW, she wears “tops” not “blouses.” When I referred to her top as a blouse, she asked what a blouse was and then let me know she wears tops or shirts. 🙂

Grace Garment Sewing 2

The skirt had a 3 piece gathered under-skirt that she helped sew. I added the tulle.

The fabric and colors for the top and under-skirt were very carefully chosen and I think she did a really good job. I don’t think she likes sewing garments. The curves and wider seams really confused her.

Checking out fabric

Showing off her new outfit.

Grace Garment Sewing 3

She did a great job. I think she’s going to stick to quilting and hand sewing, but that is another story for another time.

Sewing with Grandchildren and loving it. On the journey. Jackie