Every Quilt Has a Story – Book Review

I was given this book as a gift by a dear friend. She is not a quilter, but she picked the perfect gift for one.

Every Quilt Has a Story

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I deliberately took my time working my way through the chapters. The book is has charming illustrations, is whimsical, with a little but of history, great storytelling, quotes, recipes, quilt information and a few patterns for small project gifts.

This is one of those books that I would find, love and then put on the shelf. I’m too practical when it comes to purchases. But if a book can wrap you in love, this one does. Maybe it’s because it was a gift thoughtfully chosen. Maybe because it’s about my passion, quilting. Or that the stories and pictures warm my heart. I think it’s all three.

My favorite quote in the book is “A friend know the song in your heart and sings it back to you.” This book is her song to me and it’s a wonderful gift. Thank you Judy.

Warmed by a friend’s love, on the journey. Jackie


    This looks like a beautiful and thoughtful gift! I’m enjoying following along on your sewig with kids series. Enjoy the 4th!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Sandi. Sewing today. You?

      Sew Excited Quilts