Every Last Piece, A Book Review

I’ve made a concentrated effort to relax a bit from time to time and just enjoy inspiration and information from books and magazines. You wouldn’t think I’d have to schedule down time with the intent to enjoy peace and quiet without the need to be “doing” something, but for me it is very difficult. Almost impossible. For me anyway.

I’m not sure how I heard about this book, maybe from Gretchen at 120 Blocks as she does book reviews most Mondays or Jaye from Artquiltmaker with her many book reviews. I wished I had written it down so I could properly credit the writer.

Every Last Piece

I borrowed the book from the library. While I love books, I try to limit the ones I own, otherwise I’d be overrun with books. As it is we have bookshelves all over the house.

I didn’t borrow it for patterns as much as for ideas. I love scraps and I love finding unique ways to use up my scraps. The book did not disappoint. The photos took my mind to many directions, giving me ideas of things I could beyond the possibilities shown in the book. Sometimes I wish I could take a photo of what hits my brain as soon as it happens. Before I know it the moment/photo/idea is gone and my mind has already moved to other ideas.

Lynn Harris does provide information and directions for the quilts as well as variations. If I don’t buy this book, I’m sure I’ll borrow it from time to time, just for the inspiration.

Finding time to be, on the journey. Jackie