Sewing with Children, Pint Sized Workspace

Adjusting your work space for young children is no different than if they were working with you in the kitchen. Pull up a chair, have them stand on it and you’re all set to go.

Making Pizza

It’s no different with sewing, it just means a few modifications.

If you are older like me, you remember that phone books were used to prop up children in their seat, before the days of child custom seating. One of the struggles is having the pedal close enough for them to reach. Back to the old phone book (or in my case coffee table quilt books):

Custom Foot pedal 2

Add non-skid rug grips to keep everything from slipping:
Non Skid rug grips

And if they are really tiny like my granddaughter was at 2 and 3 and still on my lap… a small step stool works.

When they are a little older (3-4) and on their own the step stool still comes in handy:

Custom Foot pedal 1

Another helpful item at the sewing table is an adjustable chair:

Adjustable chair

That way you can lower the chair so they can see what they are doing:

Caiden Sewing

If you teach adults or have friends over to sew, they’ll like the adjustable chairs as well.

More in a later post. What have you done to make sewing with children easier?

Love teaching the young. On the journey. Jackie