Marbling and Fabric Dyeing

I took a class at my local quilt shop on marbling a few weeks ago just for fun.

Here is a photo of 3 of the 4 pieces I did (one has already been gifted):

Marbling Fabric

I enjoyed the class, but after hearing all that is involved, I doubted I’d ever do it on my own. And I certainly never planned on it becoming a stepping stone to anything else. But it did.

The marbling class was just a spark. Then someone in an online Facebook asked if anyone had ever taken classes from the iquilt platform. Curious I went and checked out their site.

I now own several classes, including one on fabric dyeing. Don’t ask me why or how? I don’t know. But after buying a class, a kit and having a day off this is the result:

Stacked Fat Quarters

I plan to take more photos when the sun is right and I am home to take them. In the meantime… Green, a color I’m not particularly drawn to….

Green Dyed

Or orange…


…but I’m hooked.

I have to admit I’ve changed my mind. I’m loving these colors.

More on the class, the process and fabric photos when I have better lighting at a time I’m home.

Going down rabbit holes I never intended, on the journey, Jackie