Foot Pedal Rest an ICE Strap and Play

Club and Mini retreat was this past Saturday and this weeks project (we focus on things that sew up quickly) was this foot pedal rest: I know I’ve seen them on other sites, and I plan to do some research to see how they are done. This one has a “stop” at the top edge to keep the pedal from sliding off, but I don’t think it’s going anywhere so it’s probably not necessary.

Foot Pedal Stop

The person leading the project brought in the supplies. She said the rubber/grip material was given to her. It works better than what I’ve been using, and what I have works well:

Non Skid rug grips

And then we made this ICE Strap:


I was in a hurry and it shows, I’m a perfectionist so the poor stitching makes me crazy. Plus I didn’t bring white thread to sew on the applique.  I know, I know, all about the galloping horse.  🙂

The ICE strap is a project a local emergency response team has requested 1500 to be made. The pocket pieced strip is designed to go around the strap on a seat belt or backpack or on a bike handle. The  piece has a pocket for emergency information to be stored. We were told having the information available has saved lives and would have saved others if the information had been available. I plan on writing up a tutorial and making it available on my site in the next few weeks. I also plan on making them for my grandchildren. I choose the fabric as I thought it would be fun for the boys to use.

Before club (in the morning we have club where we show our different sewing projects) and mini retreat (our afternoon sewing project) I was able to spend a few minutes on my long arm. It’s been awhile as I’ve been contemplating what my next quilting step should be for this quilt.

I’m doing feathers for the border:

Feather border

And this was my Saturday play:

A little play 2

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. On the journey, Jackie