Binding Tutorial-Preparing Your Binding

This is part one of a 4-part tutorial on binding your quilt since each post is picture heavy. A PDF file for this can be downloaded as well: Binding Tutorial – Preparing Your Binding.

Measure the perimeter of your quilt, example below:

Binding quilt photo

  • a. 29” x 2 = 58”
  • b. 35” x 2 = 70”
    • Perimeter 58” + 70” = 128”
  • Add 12”to the total (for joins and turning corners)
    • 128” + 12” = 140”

Cut your bindings 2”, 2 1/4” or 2 1/2” wide

  • a. If you are cutting your binding on
    the width of fabric use 40” as your length measurement
  • b. In our example (140”) I will need to cut 4 strips
  • c. 140/40 = 3.5 or 4 strips

Cutting width shown at 2.25 inches:

Cutting a Binding

Joining your strips on the bias:

  • I overlap my edges just a bit on cutting board lines
  • The overlap allows you to see the corners for better marking

Layout binding

Mark across the bias with a pencil, this will become your sewing line:

  • Be careful not to stretch your fabric with the pencil point

Marking Seam for Binding


  • You are sewing on the bias so be careful not to stretch your fabric as you sew

Binding Seam

Check to be sure your seaming is the correct direction before trimming:

Incorrect:                                                                    Correct:

Incorrect Correct Binding Join


  • Estimate or use a ruler to trim for a 1/4″ seam
  • Trim the “dog ears”

Binding Trim

Press open your seams:

Binding Pressed open

Fold lengthwise wrong sides together, press:

Binding Pressed wrong sides together

Ready to use:

Binding Ready

The next tutorial, Binding Tutorial – Determining your Starting Point will be posted soon.

PDF File: Binding Tutorial – Preparing Your Binding

Please feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions.

On the journey, Jackie