Ribbon Blankets and Baby Washcloths

There is a baby shower for 2 moms  at our church in 2 weeks. Not much time for 2 quilts. And I don’t know one set of parents. What to do? A simple but old standby – ribbon blankets:

Ribbon Blankets

I do know that one couple is expecting a boy… and the other a girl…

I would have added names to make it more personal but I only know the name of one of the babies. Sigh

I also wanted to add something else to the gift bag so I decided to make some baby wash cloths. I used flannel for one side and minky for the other side (same as ribbon blankets). Since I was using leftover fabrics, the size was determined by the smallest piece of fabric 8 1/2 inches or 8 inches finished. Good size but the next time, I’ll make them a little larger and with terry cloth on one side.
Baby Washcloths

I’ve decided that this is a quick and easy go to gift set for a new parent so I’m going to sew up a few sets to have on hand and possibly add in a few burp cloths.

All ready for the new parents:

Ribbon blankest and washcloths ready for packaging

As for the couple that I know. A baby quilt is in the future.

It’s such much fun sewing for a new baby. Though making a quilt is still my favorite. What about you?

Sewing for the littlest ones. On the journey. Jackie