Week in Review, Basting, Binding, Baby Gifts, a Bad Back and Sea Creatures Panto Practice

I basted this on the long arm so a customer can tie it. This is hand-pieced by her grandmother. I’m not sure how old it is, but the owner is now a grandmother so this is certainly a treasure.


I’m binding it for her as well before I give it to her. Binding is ready, I am not.

Binding for Lana's Quilt

Working on baby gifts… or at least planning…

Ribbon Blankets and Baby Washcloths

A bad back, pinched nerve and 3 + days in bed can really crimp a person’s sewing and everything else for that matter.

While on my back I watched Craftsy classes, started a new long arm class through iquilt and started drawing a sea creature panto

Sea Creatures Panto

for this Hopscotch Maze quilt.

Hopscotch Maze

I did get my 15 minutes of sewing/quilting fun that Darla is hosting  with my classes, planning and drawing.

Healing on the journey and hoping for a better week, Jackie