Week in Review, Hand Embroidery, One and Off the Long arm, and a Mini Word Quilt

Spent some time with someone in the hospital this week and worked on this.


This came off the long arm:

Octogon Nursing Home Quilt 2

This went on:

Boy Woven

I’m working on a mini word quilt for a gift. The purple water/marker marks have disappeared:

Renew Word

Played with mini hst layouts. These will be 1.25″ when finished. Same fabric, coloring on right is correct. Not sure why there is such a contrast:

I’m participating with Darla’s March-a-long, which is 15 minutes of quilting or related activity a day in March. Hand work helped me participate each day. It’s amazing what you can get done in 15 minutes.

Are you participating? What did you do this week?

Enjoying March with at least 15 minutes a day of sanity work. On the journey, Jackie