February Check In

Customer finishes:

  • Pat’s Baseball Quilt
  • Purple Woven Sticks and Stones (for a pattern tester)
  • Modern Woven Sticks and Stones (for a pattern tester)

February Customer

New this month

  • Word of the Year Mini-quilts
    • Enough (last years)
    • Hope (this years)
    • Renew (for a friend)
    • Trust (for a friend
  • Jack’s Chain – English Paper Piecing

One Word Quilts


  • “Four Dancers” quilt for Grace
  • Stonehenge Charms
  • Selvage Edge Sewing Machine Apron
  • Red Sox Quilt
  • Cub’s Quilt
  • Binding Tool Kit Quilt
  • Toddler Shape Quilt
  • Diamond Quilt
  • Baby Flannel Quilt
  • Black and White Quilt (Mosaic Tile Floor)
  • Long Arm Quilt Samples

January Planning


  • Winter Wonderland
  • Batik Jacket (still waiting for me)
  • Wild Kratts Machine Embroidery

February Cut Trim

On or ready for the design wall

  • Mini Charms. – need to start playing with these
  • Kynzi’s Quilt
  • HST Mini Leftovers (flying geese leftovers)

February On the Design Wall


  • Sew Excited Label Pockets

Sew Excited Labels

To Rip out or Unsew

  • Nothing !!!

Prepare Backing/Batting

  • HST larger leftovers (flying geese leftovers) -waiting for leftover backing from another quilt to be quilted.

Lg Flying Geese Leftovers


  • Flying Geese
  • Stonehenge SueNami
  • Stack and Whack Quilt
  • Hexagon Doll Quilt – hand quilt
  • Woven Sticks and Stones-boys
  • Bright Hopscotch Maze
  • Star Puzzle Quilt

February To be Quilted


  • Woven Sticks and Stones-solid
  • Snowball on Point

February to Bind


  • Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland in Blue


  • Tooth Fairy Pillows
  • Men’s Donation Quilts
  • Hashtag Quilt
  • Woven Sticks and Stones
  • Cub’s Koozies
  • Hoop Storage Craft

February Completed

It always look like I did more than what if feels like I did. It is also helpful to remind myself what I have on my list, though I still tend to add more than I finish.

What about you? How do you keep track of all your projects?

Journaling on the journey, Jackie

  • Jaye

    I like the way you break down your list. I may have to do something similar.

    • Jackie

      It takes a bit of time, but it helps remind me what I have and to stay on track. Okay, maybe the staying on track past is an illusion I tell myself.
      Sew Excited Quilts