First Garment for Grace, Pajama Bottoms

Grace for her 6th birthday was given a shopping trip and a sewing day to make matching outfits for her and her doll.

We recently had a couple of hours to get started on her many planned projects. I started with the pajama bottoms as I knew that would be the quickest and easiest. Plus winter doesn’t seem to be coming this year and it’s almost over and she picked fleece (it was all about the print) and, well you need to start somewhere.

Grace at the machine

She did sew the seams on her doll pajamas, but I put in the elastic.

Grace with doll pjs

I helped with the cutting, pinning and pulling the elastic through the casing. She did the rest. After making the pj bottoms she wanted a scarf, here she is comparing widths of rulers to decide how wide she wanted her scarf. She choose 6 inches.

Scarf planning

Cutting the fringe. I have a lower table she normally uses to cut, but it was full of quilts. Looking at this picture I should have made room for her to cut at a better level.

Scarf planning cutting fringe

She is quite thrilled with the results.

Grace rocking her pj's

Grace with her doll Heather and best friend. 🙂

Grace with pj's, scarf and doll

When I asked her the hardest part, she said it was turning the pants right side out. During the process she didn’t like the curved seams. She also found the 5/8 inch seam confusing.  Right now I think she likes finishing up something really quickly, but likes the chain piecing and straight lines in quilting.

Well Grace, you have your first garment made. Next up, your top. Until our next sewing adventure.

On the journey, Jackie

  • Diane Rincon

    Please tell Grace (if appropriate) how much I like the pajama bottoms and scarf she made!

    • Jackie

      Diane, I’d be happy to pass on the message. I’m sure she doesn’t realize the full scope of her accomplishment or how thrilled I am for her.

      Sew Excited Quilts

  • Sandi Colwell

    Way to go, Grace!!!! Fantastic job!