Tooth Fairy Pillows

This is year 4 that I’ve done this. Local elementary PTA members make tooth fairy pillows for the kindergartener’s Valentine party. Last year’s post is here.

I love seeing women having a good time in my studio. Mindy, Brandy, LaKeisha Tooth Fairy Pillows

Only 3 mom’s came this year. I knew this ahead of time so I sewed all the hearts on before they arrived. Then I sewed the edge with the opening. Then 2 of them chain stitched down the other 3 sides, one side at a time so there was no turning corners – faster and easier. The 3rd mom turned them inside out.

Brandy Tooth Fairy Pillows

Mindy Tooth Fairy Pillows

In 2 hours the 4 of us made, stuffed and closed 65 mini pillows – no picture of all of them. 🙁  Not bad for a nights work.

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Meeting new people and helping out. On the journey, Jackie