Week in Review, February 7, 2016, Hashtag Quilt, Woven Sticks and Stones, Quilting and More Quilting, Hopscotch Maze and Batik Play

While some weeks go by and I feel as though I have done nothing, this week I feel like I worked like a mad woman getting things done.

My hashtag quilt is bound. It needs a label, but I’m seriously thinking of writing the information on my block in the quilt:

Hashtag bound

Bound the quilt for my new pattern, Woven Stick and Stones…

Woven stick and stones binding close-up

and pieced another one (need samples for a class I’m teaching and this goes together really quickly):

Boys Woven Sticks and Stones

Quilted Woven Sticks and Stones for 2 of my pattern testers:

Woven Sticks and Stones Pattern Testers

Finished piecing a new Hopscotch Maze quilt:

Hopscotch Maze

And had some batik fun at Sewing Club Mini Retreat:

Batik Fun

Sewing up a storm, on the journey, Jackie