Week in Review, New Pattern-Woven Sticks and Stones, Hashtag Quilting, T-shirt Trimming, Dinosaur Pantograph and Bright Hopscotch Maze

This post is much like last week only with more progress and with some things added.

Finished quilting my hashtag quilt (cheers and happy dancing):

Hashtag quilted

. Finished piecing the new pattern and quilted it:

Woven Sticks and Stones quilted

Made more progress on piecing  another Hopscotch Maze quilt. The layout is placed in a more orderly fashion than the pattern.

Bright Hopscotch Maze

Designed and played with a dinosaur pantograph for a customer quilt. Also in the Hopscotch Maze pattern.

Dino close-up

Finally made progress on Kynzi’s t-shirt quilt by getting the squares trimmed up and design wall ready.

T-shirts trimmed

Getting deadlines finished, on the journey, Jackie