Creating New Heirlooms From Old Quilts

This was difficult.

Joy's Quilt

I was asked to cut up an old hand-pieced and hand quilted quilt passed down  several generations. It was well-worn, soft and it just begged you to cuddle up into.

Close up of Joy's stockings

Even though the quilt was well cared for there were many areas that had worn through. The owner wanted to see new life breathed into it and have it passed down to her children and grandchildren and asked if it could be made into stockings.

Here is a piece of Plexiglas over one of the quilts with a stocking shape drawn on to audition the possibility.

Drawn stocking shape

I also suggested ornaments, such as these:

Crazy Quilt Star Ornaments

She decided on both.

Joy's Ornaments and Stockings

The ornaments had a felt backing and ribbon hanger. I stitched around the outside edge and then used pinking shears to help with the fraying. “G G” was added to some of the ornaments as that is the maker was called by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Joy's GG Ornaments

For the stockings, I made a muslin liner for each, embroidered names and added a felt hanger.


As much as I hesitated to cut into these quilts, I love the results and I also love that everyone will have a treasure passed down from “G G.”

Privileged to help in passing down an heirloom, on the journey. Jackie

  • sandi colwell

    Adore the stockings! I agree that is a hard task but what you made of them is beautiful.

    • Jackie

      Thank you Sandi. It was fun after I got over the initial dread.