Week in Review and Winnie the Pooh “Lasagna” Quilt

No sewing happened this week until today when I finished up this quilt by putting on the binding.

Winnie the Pooh closeup

I was given a bolt of this fabric a long long long time ago. Now I have a goal of making a lot of baby gifts for donation.

Winnie the Pooh bolt

My quilt guild is having a “lasagna” quilt challenge and while I missed the night they talked about what they were, I thought it meant a quilt as you go in strips type of quilt. I’ve since learned it’s not quite that. Oh well.

I did piece the main center section to get the width I wanted, cut strips for the tops and bottom of the quilt, put the backing and batting on my long arm and started sewing. I started at the top of my long arm by basting down my first strip. I then sewed the next strip on and then went back and quilted the first piece. I just kept adding strips and quilting the previous strip. Somewhere along the way I miscalculated how big my backing should be so my quilt isn’t balanced in the strips. I’m not even going to try to pretend to explain how I ended up as off as I was. I have no clue what I did or didn’t do. I’m bummed but figured it was best to finish as is and move on.

Winnie the Pooh Quilt 2

I did a simple wave in the strips and a “bee” like trail of loops on the Winnie the Pooh fabrics.

Winnie the Pooh close up 2

The quilt finished is 34 x 36, barely large enough for Project Linus. It is cute though and will be great for a boy.

This is percolating on my design wall. My pattern, Hopscotch Maze, but a customer’s quilt. I love seeing how different fabrics change the look of a pattern. The pattern can be downloaded from Craftsy  or Etsy.

Ruth's Dinosaur Hopscotch Maze 2

I’m thinking dinosaur foot prints may work well. I still have to ponder just how I’m going to do it.

And before the day is done, I hope to get back to this quilt.

Hashtag quilt 2

I have to remind myself that while it was only a binding I was able to do this week, it does mean a finish and that is always a good thing.

Eating the elephants in the room, one bit at a time. On the journey, Jackie

  • Tami D

    So, what’s a lasagne quilt?

    • Jackie

      I think basically it’s a strip quilt of various widths.