Royals Towel Quilt

This is a catch-up post. I have a lot more to write as well.

This was a quilt I did for a customer. A Royals fan. She pieced the towels collected from the games into a quilt. It was quite fun to get creative with the options.

The quilt top was 76 x 84 so it will make a great lap sized quilt.

Royals Towel Quilt

I worked around the embossed lettering when possible and in more open areas I free-motion quilted in balls, bats, gloves and hats based on my baseball pantograph as seen here.

Back of Royals Towel Quilt 1

The lettering shows up better on the back, though it’s upside down. 🙂

Back with Royals words

She wanted white thread so the stitching would show but most of it was buried in the fleece backing.

Go Royals, a great way to finish out a winning year for me. On the journey, Jackie