Southwood’s Stitchers January Sew-In

Ann, Lana and Mary joined me to work on donation quilts last week.

Ann started a new quilt by raiding my donation scrap bin. The bin has squares ranging from 2 inches to 10 inches for a variety of possibilities and interests.  Donation scraps

Here is her layout using 5 inch squares:

Ann's Donation Charms

I labeled rows and columns, matched up pairs and she went to town chain piecing making great progress. Here she is sporting a new look.

Ann wearing her charms

Lana started strong and is seen here with her trusty friend the seam ripper.

Lana with seam ripper

And here making progress with the iron.

Lana Pressing

Mary is almost on the home stretch getting ready to tack down the quilt with a decorative stitch for quilting.

Mary Pressing

Thanks ladies for your fellowship, fun and help.

Enjoying friendships on the journey, Jackie