Week in Review, January 10, 2016

This was going on in class on Tuesday evening.

Rita Labeling and Barbara sewing up Royals

During Friday’s Southwood’s Stitcher’s Sew-in I was able to get started on the binding for the Winnie the Pooh quilt.

Winnie the Pooh binding

These 2 cuties got to show off their recent finishes at Missouri Sewing Saturday club meeting. For more details on their projects go here and here.


In between those times, I pieced this back for my experimental quilt.

Octogon Quilt

Finished the binding on this table runner.

Mo Club Table Runner

Did a little more play on my long arm (just barely past one pass on the long arm :().

Hashtag quilting

Not enough hours in a day. Do you feel like that sometimes?

Trying not to wish for what I can’t have. On the journey. Jackie