Caiden’s Bear Den

Caiden was very specific on what he wanted to make. He told me he wanted a deep bed like mammals make so they can nurse their babies. He is 7, I am constantly amazed at what they know and how they perceive their world. He told me that way it would be deep enough for several of his stuffed animals to be in there together.

He started by going through my 2 inch scrap bin picking out the colors he wanted for the base of the bed.

Caiden going through my scraps

Then placed them in the pattern he wanted:

Caiden with layout

Sewed and pressed:

caiden with iron


Caiden stuffing

For the sides I asked him how deep he wanted it and he said from his elbow to wrist, I told him to go measure that and let me know.

He sewed and stuffed the side piece and I stitched at intervals to hold the stuffing in place. He really wanted his bottom piece to be connected to his side, but I suggested that if he kept it as a separate piece he could do more with it. So we discussed possibilities.

It still works for a bed for his animals.

Caiden with mammal bed

And by putting it on the side he decided that it would work well for a den for his bear that he left at home.

Caiden with Bear's Den

Plus it saved Grandma from having to fight all the thicknesses to attach the bottom.

Love your imagination and your care for details Caiden, you did a great job. Love you, wished you lived closer. Grandma

PS. To see what his brother, Colson, made the same day go here, A Headband and Dog Bed.

  • Jaye

    Great project! I love the way you had him go measure, etc. Very creative boy.

  • val

    Great job Caiden!!!