A Headband and Dog Bed by Colson

I’m not sure why it surprises me that a couple of my daughter’s boys ask to sew each Christmas when they are here. Both boys came prepared with ideas.

Here they are, waiting for me to come downstairs.

Caiden and Colson waiting for me to sew

First up, a headband for his doll. A simple strip of fabric with elastic.

Colson with Doll's headband

Even though it’s been a year, he took to the sewing machine as if he has used it daily . Here he is getting a “leader” ready.

Colson with Leader

Laying out his fabrics to sew:

Colson planning his layout

Because he was so adept at the sewing machine, pinning and pressing he was done before I could get pictures of him during the process. Here is one side of his dog bed.

Colson with Dog bed 3

And of course the other side:

Colson with Dog bed 2

I love the pleased expression on his face.

Great job Colson! Miss you already, love you, Grandma